About Us

Welcome to our eco-conscious small business! Bella + Birch Home Co. was created to fulfill the desire for high-quality, good for you, luxurious products that don't compromise on sustainability. 

We have worked hard to ensure that our products contain the highest quality ingredients free of all of the harmful toxins and chemicals found in many commercial candle and scent products. We strive to bring an aesthetic touch to your home while reducing your carbon footprint. We are proud to offer a variety of clean products, all wrapped in bio-degradable/low-waste packaging, including our popular refillable candles, oil diffusers, and room sprays. 

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with our products; it extends to every aspect of our business. We are always looking for ways to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment. We believe that a cleaner, healthier planet is possible. Thank you for choosing our business and joining us on our journey to a more sustainable future. 

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Good For You Home Goods!

Our mission is to create a better world through good for you, eco-friendly products. Our commitment to using non-toxic ingredients and minimal packaging reflects our belief that you don’t have to compromise quality to reduce your impact on the earth. We strive to promote a culture of sustainability and mindfulness in everything we do.